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Lyndhurst High School Band Program

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The Lyndhurst High School band program can be traced back to the early 1940s. Winter and spring concerts, parades, and football game halftime shows continue to take place each year, and members have traveled to and performed in Washington D.C., Montreal, Virginia Beach, New York City, Nashville, Boston, Myrtle Beach, and Chicago, and at Disney World, Universal Studios, Hershey Park, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Band students have also played in pit orchestras for school musicals as well as pep bands for various sports teams in the greater New York City metro area and formed many other unique ensembles.

The program is also known for having a high percentage of the district's eighth grade instrumental music students involved, who learn to love the traditional band experience, appreciate the value of reading and performing higher-level music, and continue to participate in this program throughout their high school years.

Today's members have the opportunity to participate in very active marching, concert, and jazz band components and may also choose to enroll in Music Theory or Option II Honors Band, all under the direction of Mr. Chwalyk.

Past Conductors/Directors
Ralph V. Horning
Frances Hanks
LeRoy B. Lenox
William V. Ostrander
William Brooks
William Gee
Paul Zonn
Gerard A. LaTorraca
(Mr.) Troutman
Stanley Lewandowski
James D. Oliphant
Herbert Lewis Miller
James Carucci
Domenico Dellosa